EBMA 2022 Annual Meeting
Rescheduled to May 9-11, 2022
El Conquistador Hotel, Tucson, AZ

The 2022 Annual Meeting Program Committee, Lisa Maisonneuve of CrossCan Educational Services, Margaret Bryant of Orca Book Publishers, and Holly Merriman of Ingram Content Group, present this year's meeting: Navigating the New Normal.  

PLEASE READ- Because of the postponement of the meeting and the relevance of h programming, much of what was to be presented in Tucson will now be presented online.  The in-person meeting will not have a significant educational component and will concentrate on the One-on-One Sessions.

With the help of both SLJ and ASCD Smartbrief, our first education session will give you the most up-to-date look at our current transitional period in education. Delving down deep through detailed analysis to find out what the ever changing needs are in classrooms and libraries. We’ll be looking at digital vs print; what will come out on top in the post-pandemic school? What are the best ways to market and how do libraries and classrooms want to be contacted? What’s top of mind when choosing resources this year? In addition to the current/future snapshot of the classroom and library, the programming committee has also put together a session on Indigenous Voices to bring to light the need for Lived Experiences publishing in our schools and libraries.

Click the images below for details regarding the agenda, hotel reservations, transportation information, one-on-one session advice and to register. For questions, please contact  info@edupaperback.org

COVID POLICY- New 4/7/2022

EBMA has established a policy* that all attendees will be required to show proof of being fully vaccinated (final shot before April 28, 2022).  An original copy, photocopy, or picture on a device of the vaccine card may be presented as proof of status at registration.

The EBMA Board met on April 7 to review the Covid 19 protocols for the annual meeting. The requirement for all attendees to show proof of a completed vaccination at registration in order to attend remains. The board approved a change to the mask policy. Masks are recommended, not required, but each attendee may make their own decision about wearing masks during meetings and social events according to their level of comfort. Our masking requirements will be based on the local government and hotel requirements at the time of the conference so it may be subject to change

This link to the hotel website explains the precautions they are taking. Room setups will provide appropriate social distancing.  EBMA plans to utilize as much outdoor space as possible for social events so attendees are encouraged to bring appropriate clothing.

*All local, state, and federal legal requirements will be met or exceeded by EBMA.  These regulations, along with the health environment, may change and EBMA policy will adjust.  The requirements for proof of vaccination will not be adjusted.



 Monday, May 9th  
Cocktail Reception for all attendees
 6:45-9:00 PM


Ludington Award to be presented

 Tuesday, May 10th  
 7:00-8:30 AM BREAKFAST

 12:15-1:30 PM


Lunch Speaker/Author TBD

 1:45-5:00 PM  ONE-ON-ONE SESSIONS   

Wild West Theme
 Wednesday, May 11th  
 7:00-9:00 AM BREAKFAST 


 12:45 PM-2:05 PM LUNCH

 7:15-9:15 PM


Thursday, May 12th  DEPART


When you think of the Southwest, windswept mountains, wildflowers, fiery-red sunsets and a deep-rooted desert culture spring to mind and nowhere is this soul-stirring tableau captured more spectacularly than at the El Conquistador Tucson. Named "Best Experiential Hotel" by Hotel Interactive ® Lodging Industry Elite Awards and recognized as a Top 52 Hilton Hotel by Forbes, El Conquistador Tucson invites you to escape and experience the colors, textures, and singular details of our uniquely Southwest resort. 

Hotel Information: Guestroom rates at the El Conquistador Hotel and Resort, Tucson, AZ are $195/night. These rates are subject to applicable taxes. Please note, the hotel has reserved the room rates to our group from May 8-13, 2022 (subject to availability).  To make reservations please call 1-888-370-0980 and use the group code "EBM507" or use this reservation link.

PLEASE NOTE: THE CUT-OFF FOR GUARANTEED RESERVATIONS IS THURSDAY, April 8, 2022. Reservations made after this date are subject to prevailing room rates. All reservations requests will require a credit card for a deposit for one room night.

On-site or nearby activities include the newly renovated spa, hiking and biking, nearby golf, and tennis.   Onsite dining options may be found here.


There are two international airports which service the area.  The closest airport is Tucson International which is about 22 miles from the resort and a 30-40 minute drive.  We recommend using this airport if possible.  It is a smaller airport with plenty of in-terminal transportation options.

Phoenix Sky Harbor International is approximately 100 miles and 90 minutes away.

Ground Transportation Services

Guests may use taxi, ride share apps, or rent vehicles for travel to/from the hotel.   Hertz has limited on-site rentals available if you do not have a car but wish to use one for a day.  


Several EBMA members have indicated on their evaluation forms that it took them a few years to make their One-on-One sessions really pay off, especially since they are only eight minutes long. To get everything possible out of these brief meetings, you really have to plan ahead. Here are some tips that may get you up and running more quickly.

  1. In early April, you will receive from EBMA, by e-mail, registration lists for the 2022 EBMA Annual Meeting.
  2. Complete the Profile Form by April 15, 2022: The Profile Forms are offered as an electronic web form that you will fill out online (Publisher Form or Wholesaler Form). The material collected on the form has also been updated and reduced to pertinent information about your company. During the registration process you will be given the option to select receiving an online profile book only prior to the meeting or a hard copy bound profile book onsite at the annual meeting.
  3. Be sure to characterize your business clearly—EBMA members are NOT all alike!
  4. Be certain that the people who read your Profile Form will know who to contact for what service.
  5. EBMA One-on-One sessions have no agenda. Think of ways to use your session profitably. Time is short but, among the possibilities, you could:
    • Bring printouts and do a business review with each firm. Printouts could include sales figures, marketing plans or an overview of the prior year’s highlights. 
    • Evaluate your year-to-year growth with each other.
    • Discuss new promotions or marketing efforts.
    • Come up with ways that you can work better together or do cooperative marketing.
    • Ask for suggestions as to how your firm can be more helpful to the other.
    • Suggest better ways to use posters, teaching guides, and bookmarks.
    • Discuss creative ways to involve reps.
    • Ask about new trends, new markets, new products--EBMA is the place to hear about them.
    • Bring news from editorial about new books and publishing programs.
    • Find ways to use authors regionally or nationally.
  6. Remember that all EBMA members are not alike. Don’t assume you know what another business focuses on. Read the Profile Form.
  7. And don’t forget that “the other side” has an agenda too! Sometimes one side does all the talking and none of the listening.
  8. What if you have run out of time and there’s more to discuss?
    • There is time each afternoon to continue talking at the wholesaler’s table. Keep a calendar and schedule additional time during one of these time periods.
    • If time runs out, set up ways to keep talking by phone or e-mail when you’re both back at work.
  9. Establish a system for taking notes and keeping track of each discussion. The days are long and the there is too much input to leave everything to memory.

IMPORTANT: Deadline to complete the online profile forms (Publisher Form or Wholesaler Form) has been extended to April 15, 2022. 

PUBLISHERS: You may ship the books and catalogues that you will be promoting at the 2022 EBMA Annual Meeting in advance of the meeting directly to the hotel.  Please ship to arrive by May 6 and be sure to have your tracking information with you.  Shipping address is:

Jaymie Uchiyama
Table ID- EBMA Conference
10000 N. Oracle Rd.
Tucson, AZ 85704



May is a warm month in Tucson.  While there may be rain it is generally dry.  Average high temperatures are reach close to 90 F during the day.  We suggest brining sweaters and appropriate dress for some of our evening outdoor events.


EBMA has naturally adopted a business or smart casual dress code, although we have been known to mix it up in the past.  We just ask that things like flip-flops, shorts, tank tops and t-shirts with any provocative pictures or words be avoided. If you’re more comfortable in business casual or dressy attire please dress in this manner.

The opening awards dinner and the President's dinner are a little more formal.  We will be doing another group picture this year and we want you to look your best.

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