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Please take a few moments to fill out the following survey now and pass along to your colleagues. Deadline April 27th.

The BISG subject code committee has graciously agreed to devote their entire May monthly meeting to review and discuss any new recommended children’s subject codes. This will be the only opportunity in 2018 to make recommendations to revise or add to BISAC subject codes until 2019, therefore it is urgent for you to respond to this survey by Friday, April 27th. We do need everyone’s help and participation to take advantage of this opportunity.

To better identify and determine what areas and subject headings are needed, we are requesting you and/or co-workers within your company to take a few minutes to fill out the survey with your requests for new subject categories that are missing or point out clarification that is needed to be added to existing categories. Please provide specific examples of books that would demonstrate the need for the new recommended subject code or more clearly defined existing subject code, per the BISG committee’s requirements

  • Wholesalers: please share with your buyers and your collection development teams who rely on the most accurate and descriptive subject categories for the books they review.
  • Publishers: please share with your editorial and marketing colleagues and anyone who currently deals with assigning BISAC codes for their input on what’s missing/needed.

We will then collect all requests and share with BISG the information that your companies would like added to the Children’s and YA subject headings, that is needed to better serve the educational community. We ask that all survey responses to be completed and submitted by 04/27/18.

Links to current BISAC codes for review:

Juvenile Fiction
Juvenile Non-Fiction 

Below are some examples of subject header categories that have been suggested as needed to help increase discoverability on books with these themes: 

  • a Country Music BISAC (there are ones for Pop, Rap, and Rock)
  • either in Social Topics or Technology, there should be a BISAC for Social Media
  • an Activism BISAC under Social Topics (we have a lot of books encouraging activism/discussing it and have noticed that's missing)
  • gender and/or sexuality under social topics (for gender it’s binary with men/boys and women/girls, and sexuality currently only exists under health & daily living)
  • a BISAC for Mental/Behavioral Disorders under Health and Daily Living (this comes up a lot with Diseases and Disorders books like ADHD)

PLEASE NOTE: If you have more than 10 suggestions, please download this spreadsheet to provide suggestions. Once completed, you may email the spreadsheet to meeting@edupaperback.org. 
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